Make A Stand

Rocky Mountain Recreational


                 At some point in life, everyone needs to... Make A Stand... and we can help you with that. 

                                     A unique shelf for Canadians is to display what they stand for.

                               Personalize it, customize it, and get it autographed by your hero's.




















Four On Three stand is Canadian made,the sticks are all wood construction, with a Baltic Birch laminate shaft, solid Oak blade and top coated in white lacquer, sourced from a historic Canadian Hockey Stick manufacturer. The shelves are all wood, made from Canadian timber and laminated for strong, solid, and sturdy structure.

The colour used, is a Polyflex Shin Pad Tape, manufactured by Renfrew Hockey Tapes, it is a deep, glossy, and consistent colour. Each customer can choose the tapes to personalize their own Four On Three stand.

Our Registered Industrial Design of the unique construction on these units gives it the stability that cannot be matched by any other version or design. With the blades of the sticks pointing outwards and mounted at the corners of the shelves the maximum amount of stability is created.



For your uniquely individual rack, click on the page below to select tape colours, for Polyflex Shin Pad Tape 


This model is the Four On Three - 4 sticks and 3 shelves

Click on the pictures below to see the many uses for your Make A Stand

Show people what you stand for, or display your trophies and medals, or your memorabilia.